A downloadable mod for Windows

this is th 27 FEB 2016 it changes and i update when i want to.

programs needed:

minecraft 1.8.9

forge 1.8.9

(if you don't have minecraft buy it at minecraft.net

system req:


i3 or higher processor

1.4 ghz

Install instructions


2.open the RAR file

4.press windows key+R key

5.type in %appdatat%

6. open .minecraft

7.open mods

8. copy the RAR file into the mods folder

9. extract the RAR to the mods

10. delete or MOVE DO NOT LEAVE IT IN MODS the RAR file used for this download

11. open the @free code@

12. copy site into address bar

13. enter the password provided


TERA Games Modpack 27 FEB 2016.exe 12 MB

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