A downloadable TERA dev. for Windows, macOS, and Linux

OBTAINING A KEY: as of 21/02/16 you will need a key to extract the files however obtaining a key is simple: 1.many of you have got here VIA google+ simply get to my youtube go to the description of any video made on the 21/02/16 or later subscribing is best as you will know when i change the key (to avoid people downloading and passing it off as there own we at TERA dev are here 24/7 just Email,comment,or comment on my discussion tab on my utube email CEO: goldenghast114@gmail.com Email customer support (not always active) kyleu400@gmail.com official TERA dev blog: thexro.blogspot.com

Install instructions


  1. download file
  2. open the file
  3. press extract all or extract to doesn't matter as long as it downloads all of it


The messenger 1.0 20 FEB.zip 12 MB


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hello guys some pretty sad news i have just handed my game over to BMAD games ent.


and found out my best friends are working on the game so i no longer own this but i am starting development on a new game i am nearly finished the 0.1 debug shoukd be out 1st MAR to 20MAR 2016

game change note: i am changing the game name to better suit the game i really like 1. The messenger 2. LAN:fragment or one of my fav: Connections if you could vote for any of these just reply to this comment thx 4 following TERA dev. i really like the names The messenger and Connections
(0.3) FEB 20-MAR 2 update list: 1.more story 2.EASTER EGGS!!!! press 1-9 to activate(one is only active) 3.bug reporters get posted as a game sponsor 4.adding more sound effects. 0.4 APRIL 1 features 1.finish story 2.add free-play 3.for free-play add in a working computer where you can click stuff 4.add new easter egg LMK(let me know) what you want (i have to draw it myself as it is two people at our studio if you want to volunteer Email me at: goldenghast114@gmail.com OR (not active yet will be by march) TERAdev@gmail.com happy gaming and thx 4 following TERA dev.
hi guys new update coming soon hold tight should come out 20FEB-2MAR 2016 and will have WAY more features i am REALLY happy i was able to speed up production of my game as i originaly said i would update monthly but instead i might update bimonthly (2x each month) although it is hard to juggle schoolwork and home stuff also no more bug reporting till you have deleted the game and re-installed the game as i have probably posted a bug fix.

pug report from slender addictionz: he claims that clicking on the neighbour sign and then trying to enter the building crashes the game (FEB 14 build)

March update includes more story and fixes the walk out of map bug

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the Download of game doesn't work, fix it!

when you download it run it when the screen that says install this feature or skip make sure you skip also internet explorer downloads don't work thanks for your feedback